Over the years the National Institute for Verdi Studies has prepared a Video discography which is presented annually in its publication “Studi Verdiani”- For the time being only the PDF files for the listings presented between 2004 and 2011 are available, and it is possible to access them using the research method already used for the Bibliography.

Here follows a listing of the links for the PDF files already prepared:

Discografy 1977-1980

Discografy 1981-1983

Discografy 1984

Discografy 1985-1986

Discografy 1987-1988

Discografy 1989

Discografy 1990

Discografy 1991-1992

Discografy 1993

Discografy 1994-1995

Discografy 1996

Discografy 1997

Discografy 1998

Discografy 1999

Discografy 2000-2001

Discografy 2002-2003

Discovideography 2004-2005

Discovideography 2006

Discovideography 2007-2008

A further Videography is to be found in Elvio Giudici’s book, Il teatro di Verdi in scena e in DVD (Milano, Il Saggiatore, 2012). This presents a complete description of the most important productions of Verdi’s operas from the fifties up until the year 2011.